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Do you have a communication and trust issue between leadership and staff? Does it sometimes feel as if you have a guarded, closed culture within your organization—and that it's holding you back from truly creating the impact you desire? Do you suffer from misfires in communication that lead to costly mistakes, mounting frustration, and a lack of results?

If your team or organization could benefit from building more trusting relationships through strengths-based, compassionate, and empathic relationship-building tools like Everything DiSC Workplace, contact me. As a Certifed DiSC trainer, I can help you get the results you seek.

Through our work together with Everything DiSC Workplace, my clients frequently move from a place of distrust among team members, where deficit-based language is used, to a more open, safer culture that honors mutual respect and collaboration, where individuals’ strengths are recognized, built on, and validated.


Results include:

  • Increased trust between leadership and staff

  • Enhanced relationships, resulting in meaningful power-sharing and true partnership

  • More consistent and clearer communication at all levels

  • Space for all team members’ voices and opinions to be heard

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