Career Coaching & Professional Writing Services

Are you overwhelmed at the amount of career advice online and need helping weeding through it all? Has it been years since you updated your resume and you have no idea where to start? Do you wonder how you will ever have time to devote to your job search while also working full-time? Are you unsure of how to use LinkedIn? Do you have a gap on your resume due to extended time off and don't know how to explain it?

I help you understand the nuts and bolts of job hunting to ultimately shorten the amount of time until you're hired.  I also craft all the professional branding materials (resume, cover letter and LinkedIn headline/profile) needed to succeed in your job search. 

I work with clients from all industries, levels, and geographies.  I've worked with professionals nationwide across sales, healthcare, education, nonprofit, marketing, HR, event planning, and other niche specialties.

Young Businesswomen

Career Coaching

A Totally Customized Experience to Meet Your Needs

Career coaching can jumpstart your career if you are making a career change, need support and accountability as you embark on a job search, or aren't sure what career path is right for you.  The coaching program is 100% customized for you - there isn't a cookie-cutter approach and I will work with you where you are at.  Typical coaching arrangements last 3 sessions (minimum) with full email support in between sessions.  You will have access to my personal tools, assessments, and practices to help in your journey.


Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn

Your Professional Brand Comes to Life

A good resume tells the story of who you are, what you've accomplished, and what impact you will have on a future organization.  I use my HR and career advising background to develop the most effective resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn summary based on your skills, experience and job target.  We will have an in depth telephone session to discuss your strengths, achievements and desired future role to help guide the writing process.  Turnaround time is typically 5 days.

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Mock Interviews

Practice Makes Perfect

Mock interviews are the single best way to make sure you ace an interview and land the job offer.  Participating in a mock interview will give you a professional edge while building your confidence and calming your nerves before the big day.  Mock interviews can be done in person or virtually (Skype, etc.) and include targeted feedback and coaching on dress, body language and interview answers.

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