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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can help your leaders enhance their leadership capacity which facilitates a higher level of performance for them, their team and your organization. 

Gina's approach to coaching helps leaders develop greater emotional intelligence, close critical skill gaps, hone their interpersonal skills, improve their strategic mindset, prioritize and delegate more effectively, and adopt stronger influencing skills. Coaching takes good employees to great and has an exponential return on bottom-line results.

The typical executive coaching engagement is six months, though it can extend longer. During the first month, Gina will work with the coachee to understand their professional and personal history, their core drivers, and feedback they have received about their performance and impact. Gina often starts with one-on-one stakeholder interviews (via phone) to capture qualitative feedback and a DISC Work of Leaders assessment to capture quantitative feedback to guide the coaching process.  

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps individuals identify their best career fit or transition to a new career. Gina helps clients evaluate their aptitudes, interests, values and more to discover the career that is the right fit.


Gina has coached hundreds of individuals from all industries, career levels and geographies and her approach includes targeted strategies and resources to help them refine their professional branding (resume and LinkedIn profile), improve their interviewing skills, transition to a new career or industry, and strengthen their personal brand. 


Professional Coaching

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